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Taking to the skies
The global drone market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. From insurance to construction to farming, just about every industry is rethinking the way they work. Real-time data collected by drones and the analysis of these insights help organisations make the right decisions faster. The possibilities are endless and the market is on the verge of a global boom. Experts estimate that by 2050, the industrial drone fleet in Europe and the US will comprise more than 1 million units and generate $50 billion per year in product and service revenues.
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ESCATEC's new high-tech factory enables mutual growth with customers
The electronic and box-build, design and manufacturing service provider ESCATEC, has recently purchased a new factory promising exciting opportunities for customers.
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New general manager continues to develop ESCATEC’s world class operations
ESCATEC, the global provider of high-grade industrial electronic and box build design and manufacturing solutions, recently appointed a new member to its executive leadership team.
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Consistently high performance LED application with ESCATEC back-end cooling system
ESCATEC, the Swiss electronic design and manufacturing service provider, helped transform the illumination quality of a recently released ophthalmic microscope. Its Micro Opto Electronic Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) facility created the new technology for a customer, which now guarantees a reliable LED light source, thereby increasing the success rate of cataract surgery.

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